Geo Tagging

Flickr Maps

It’s no secret that I think flickr is one of the best things the internet has to provide. A few months back they got better by adding geo-tagging maps. It’s a mashup between Yahoo Maps (a rip off of Google Maps) and its own API.

Although it has some privacy issues for cameras that automatically GeoTag their photos, it’s a windfall for people who see a great photo or even a lousy photo of a great place and want to explore more in depth.

For example, someone takes a picture of a great plating of food at a restaurant. You see that photo and think… that would be fun to go to … and now you know where it is, too.

A year ago you had to use terse tools which created machine tags in your photos – those were messy and unstable. Now that it’s been solid in Flickr for half a year it’s worth noting how simple and solid geo-tagging can be.

The only complaint I have is that Yahoo doesn’t always report the correct location in your photo details, but it still shows up fine on the map.

So every public photo taken at a specific location other than my house has been geo-tagged for your enjoyment.

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