The iPhone Crowd

For the technophiles who understand the grunting undertones of the UK’s hit television series “The IT Crowd” and who also happen to understand the grunting undertones of the Tim Allenisms when it comes to modern technology (and who happen to be fortunate enough to own an iPhone) we have a special treat for you today!

The IT Crowd Ringtone.
It’s the free remix track offered by Painting By Numbers trimmed down to fit and converted to be read as an iPhone ringtone. Certainly it would have been nice to keep the full 47 second hum-dinger, but Apple forces some limits on this no matter what the file size.

Originally, I wanted to make a ringtone that would loop nicely – and did, but it didn’t start off where I wanted it to. Besides, who lets their phone ring for more than 30 seconds?

So I opted to just trim out the middle – you get the start and the finish. It’s like a bologna sandwich without the bologna!

The IT Crowd (remix for ringtones).m4r

For those who can play regular mp3s as ringtones, we’ve got you covered:
The IT Crowd remix ringtone.mp3

Friday Freebie Blog – Science Fiction Papercrafts

My Build of the Tie-Fighter

Lately I’ve been on a paper-craft kick. When I was younger, it had to be solid square sheet origami. Sometimes, however, you’ve got to cut paper into funny shapes and glue them together… take a look at the Millennium Falcon!

I finished working on the TIE-Fighter. If you plan to do the same, make sure you print the wing sheet 4 times. This will provide you with the pieces the inside and outside of each wing.

Go Build Your Own!
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