Why I don’t write poetry anymore

Absent from the likeness of God,
some piece of myself whittled away
by my own hands in a moment.

What a shame, they might say.
Something in me demands;
it makes demands for

There’s passion and hope,
rage and remorse,
then grief when it’s lost
but the feelings will expire.

I hold onto things
old coupons that have no worth
a few cards from a misplaced deck
wishing for the time I lost.

Where’s the meaning without the worth?
Time will whittle me away anyway.
Why not give myself, even in pieces.
Each of us – meaningless unless given away.

Like these coupons, life is an offer,
a limited time
a time that will expire.

Microsoft EULA Haiku

Microsoft EULA Haiku
Microsoft EULA Haiku takes text directly from Microsoft’s End User Legal Agreement (EULA) for Windows XP Home Edition and forms it into beautiful, if not disturbing, poetry.

Click on the image to the right to get started.

Some of my favorite results are:

contact Microsoft
for loss of business profits
serving your country

There is no software
please see the “Consumer rights”
legal agreement

you are not allowed
refund, if applicable
shall be limited

they supersede all
courts sitting in Toronto
to use the Software

Software is designed
if failure of the Software
you are not using

accident, abuse
limited to the greater
U.S. Government

Suppliers shall not
copy, or use this software
you do not agree

and the very succinct:

in accordance with
the written materials
legal agreement

local law applies
one copy of the Software
License Agreement

Have Fun. If you find a result that is particularly amusing, please comment.