Flashback – Denver Art Museum : May 11, 2007

Last May I took my family to the Denver Art Museum. It was recently renovated and I thought it should offer some level of interest and cultural awareness to our family. Once we arrived at the area, it became apparent that we’d have to pay for parking. Personally, I hate paying to park my car, but it’s a must here so be prepared to shell out around $8 for it.

With that said – this has got to be the coolest family friendly art museum on the face of the planet!

Coming up on July 14th, 2007 they are having a full free weekend! Saturday or Sunday – you show up and it’s free admission. You could participate in the world’s largest paint by number and get bragging rights when someone opens the next edition of the Guinness book of world records.

Better than that, around nearly every corner is some activity that kids three years and older could participate in with some level of parental supervision. There’s virtual bubble popping, postcard making, art bingo, multimedia centers, an entire kid’s activity area where children can build a chair, chalk it up and sit in it, a creative drawing project where you can post your finished art on a wall and much more.

I know this sounds like an advertisement, but finding an inexpensive to moderately priced family friendly excursion for a family of 6 is no easy task and when the opportunity comes, it’s great to share a good thing with other families.

Here are a few penny-pinching tips for those who are trying to keep a tight budget.

* bring a lunch. Note: You can’t have open food or drink throughout the museum except in their beautiful cafe.

* go on a free day: Usually the first Saturday of each month, but check their site for specials.

* parking: sigh. I don’t think you can skimp on this unless you live in that area or park and ride the public buses. I suggest you shell out the dough and park at the museum parking lot.

If you plan a little, it’s easily under $10 for a day of cultural enrichment for your entire family!