Will Blog For Food

I love it when people blog and use the photography I post up on flickr. This has got to be one of the best uses of flickr around, and as long as people aren’t posting my silly mug up on posterboards or commercials without my consent I have practically no concern on the matter. Some of my photos have even been on pages supporting political groups that I don’t, but it was clear from the article that the photo was used to set a visual tone rather than to say that the photographer promoted the material.

The latest blog to use one of my photos is Alan Morantz’s Leading Thoughts. In this article he discusses how art can be used to develop leadership skills! Cool! That’s actually one of the reasons for the many photographs up on flickr and blogposts lately. I’m trying hard to learn a certain level of diligence that will hopefully lead to better leadership and organizational skills. I’m also trying to put something creative out there that can be used to enrich the world and bring happiness to others. I’m not good enough to make blogging or photography a full-time business, but someday I might learn some great hidden nugget of wisdom and become a world-renown motivational speaker to twelve-year-olds that will allow me to indulge in supplimenting the task with photography and blogs. Then again, reality tells me I should get back to work – lunch break is over!

flickr loves me

Just noticed this morning that flickr changed the tag-line above their logo from “gama” (which is a stage in development before release) to “loves you”. That means instead of being bombarded with flickr gama rays, we are now adorned with flickr love. *snickr*

flickr loves me

Geo Tagging

Flickr Maps

It’s no secret that I think flickr is one of the best things the internet has to provide. A few months back they got better by adding geo-tagging maps. It’s a mashup between Yahoo Maps (a rip off of Google Maps) and its own API.

Although it has some privacy issues for cameras that automatically GeoTag their photos, it’s a windfall for people who see a great photo or even a lousy photo of a great place and want to explore more in depth.

For example, someone takes a picture of a great plating of food at a restaurant. You see that photo and think… that would be fun to go to … and now you know where it is, too.

A year ago you had to use terse tools which created machine tags in your photos – those were messy and unstable. Now that it’s been solid in Flickr for half a year it’s worth noting how simple and solid geo-tagging can be.

The only complaint I have is that Yahoo doesn’t always report the correct location in your photo details, but it still shows up fine on the map.

So every public photo taken at a specific location other than my house has been geo-tagged for your enjoyment.

Check out what others have Geo-Tagged.