Total Geeky Binary Love

greenKarat-Jewelry Product Detail Page

This is a geeky-cool-lovr product.

It’s a binary ring with five pits going across the ring to represent 2^5, or a binary representation of the digits 0-31. That’s more than enough to represent the 26 characters of the English alphabet.

There are a series of 20 spaces around the ring for your characters. Even better, it’s made out of recycled gold or titanium. These people are very enviro-friendly.


It’s that time of year again. Many years ago I thought this holiday to be rubbish because of some serious Linus-like frustration straight from a Peanuts cartoon.

17 years later I met someone who thankfully put an end to my envy-spite-bitter-blahtitude towards the day of the cupid. Even so much as to produce one of the web’s first sites dedicated to romance – even before Godek put out his. It got awards, I got my fifteen minutes of international fame and the university pulled it (grumble grumble). Ignorantly, I didn’t cash in on the deal even though it provided an amazing opportunity to do so. I was more starry eyed and open sourced back then than I am now. But again, I didn’t have a family to care for and college funds to save up.

In reflection to the interesting gifts that people have suggested, I decided to be more traditional and spring for that special valentines day card that’s sure to bring a hallmark tear to that special someone’s eye… all the same, here are some geeky-nerd-love ideas for the years ahead:

Glow-In-The-Dark Bubble Bath
Chocolate Ape
A Sterling Silver Puzzle Ring
A Magic Bean to Watch Love Grow
Amber trapped Insect Pendant