The Language is Changing

Years ago a headline in the Life section of the Austin American Statesman said something to the tune of “It’s forbidden, it’s taboo, it’s a sin, it’s exciting – it’s adultery”. I don’t remember the exact wording, but that’s close enough for you to get the point.

The point being made was that the same act has different connotations depending on the words used to describe it. Saying words like “fling” or “affair” minimizes the mental effect.

I’ve noticed, however, that in the same way euphemisms are being used to practically reduce crime into acts of kindness, cacophemisms are cropping up to make acts of integrity appear as scourge. The media begins its merry mudslinging at the conservative party in such a way as to try to make wholesome words like “abstinence” equate to failure.

While it’s evident the liberal democratic party began campaigning for “change”, there are certain base foundations, like moral conduct, that should remain steadfast and unchanged. By the way they attack the high ideals of righteousness and moral creed their hidden agenda isn’t so hidden anymore.