Awsome JCB Song

JCB Song

JCBSONG by Nizlopi: Monkeehub presents a music video to the single ‘JCB’ by band ‘Nizlopi’. It’s way awesome! Don’t forget to read all the credits.

Here’s the story behind the song from the monkeyhub site:

About the JCB song:

Being dyslexic in the early 80’s (oh the irony… give people who can’t spell a word that nobody can spell) Luke’s school days weren’t always that easy. Indeed he was victimized at school, not just by bullies, but by the school itself… so when he sings of “all the bullies and the teachers and their pets…” he knows what he’s talking about and this very much comes from the heart. There were school days when Luke’s Dad would decide he needed some “compassionate leave” and would take him to work, where the five year old would ride proudly on the toolbox of the old JCB and cook up vivid imaginings of diggers morphing into Jurassic monsters, vanquishing his school yard tormentors in a Bruce Lee, B.A. Barachus or Transformer style-lee – such fantasies so masterfully brought to life in Monkeebub’s Animation.

Because JCB Song embodies such real childhood experiences that I’m sure anyone who’s ever had a tough time at school can relate to, it is easy to appreciate why it strikes a chord with so many and has literally captured the hearts and imaginations of thousands (millions?) of people world-wide. Mid-December 2005 saw JCB Song released into the UK and Ireland charts, simultaneously entering at Number 1 and staying in the top ten for 8 weeks amassing 400,000+ sales (Gold Disc) in the UK and selling Double Platinum in Ireland.

While Luke and his father may have been holding up traffic on the by-pass, the adventures had in their “big yellow digger” have inspired floods of people to come see the beautifully playful JCB Song Animation, resulting in receiving over 1 million hits and counting, and the award-winning video being recognized globally as a work of pure genius. The public response to the song, site and video has been overwhelming with thousands of emails received from all ages, and from all around the globe, expressing their heart felt compassion and enthusiasm for the songs sentiments and Luke’s experiences.

The songs by Nizlopi represent fresh, child-like innocence… remember back when your dad was such a hero that nothing was bigger or better then he? Nobody knew anything as much as he did; nothing he did could let you down. Yeah – it’s that.